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Enjoy Ontario's finest Ice fishing on Lake Scugog with Paul's Ice Huts.

Come catch the excitement on Lake Scugog! Bring the entire family. Enjoy a day of ice fishing on Lake Scugog for walleye (pickerel) and perch. You'll love fishing Lake Scugog.

Ice fishing Lake Scugog in Ontario

Ice fishing Lake Scugog in Ontario

Every winter, hundreds of ice fishing huts dot Lake Scugog, in pursuit of the Pickerel (Walleye). On the very warm winter days hundreds of ice fishing anglers also ice fish in the open to try to catch the Perch and Walleye (Pickerel) that make Lake Scugog their home. Along the edges of the weed lines and where there are deep pockets of water are considered the best areas for ice fishing. If you do place an ice fishing hut on the lake you must watch the weather closely, or you could go out to find a large hole where your ice hut once stood. Also, you should anchor your ice hut to the ice because the wind can pick up tremendous speed going across the lake which will relocate your ice hut many miles away.

Ice fishing Lake Scugog in Ontario

Ice fishing Lake Scugog in Ontario

MNR Fishing Regulations

Ice Fishing

Two lines may be used for ice fishing except in a limited number of waters (see the Exceptions for the Zone in which you are fishing by referring to the 2008-2009 Fishing Regulations Summary).

At all times you must be within 60 m (197 ft.) of any line or tip-up you are using when ice fishing and you must have a clear and unobstructed view of the lines being used at all times.

Hut Registration

Ice fishing huts must be registered with the local MNR office if they are being used in the following Fisheries Management Zones and must be removed by the dates indicated below: Click here

In March 1992
Ice fishing was a popular sport in Scugog over the winter. A record 807 ice fishing huts were counted on Lake Scugog during the ice fishing season

Ontario Ice Hut Operators

Lake Scugog Ice Hut Rentals are the perfect cure for winter "cabin fever" symptoms. Experience and enjoy a Scugog ice fishing encounter... weekend package includes lodging, ice shack, heater, bait and all equipment. All you have to do is dress up warm and fish!

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Lake Scugog Ice Hut Rentals: Get A Reel Ice Fishing Adventure!

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