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Enjoy Ontario's finest Ice fishing on Lake Scugog with Paul's Ice Huts.

Come catch the excitement on Lake Scugog! Bring the entire family. Enjoy a day of ice fishing on Lake Scugog for walleye (pickerel) and perch. You'll love fishing Lake Scugog.

Spring - Summer - Fall - Fishing On Lake Scugog

Lake Scugog was once described as a "Honey Pot" and "the pick of them all" where one could fill a boat in no time at all. During the winter, the lake is flooded with people, trying to catch the mighty Pickerel. Spring is jumbo Perch season. The summer is the season to catch the very aggressive Small and Largemouth Bass, and autumn is the time to troll for the powerful Muskie. Be forewarned the Muskie can pack a punch if you hook a large one.

Lake Scugog is a fishing mecca for everyone. The winter season is great for ice fishing, while autumn tests the skills of anglers trolling for the mighty muskies.

Canadian Bass Anglers Federation

04.30.07 The results for the CBAF perch event on Lake Simcoe are now posted for the top 10 on the results page. Our next event is Saturday May 5th on Lake Scugog out of Port Perry for Crappie. Same rules and regs including the 15 fish limit. The event will run from 8:00 am until 3:00 pm. See you all there Canadian Bass Anglers Federation

Our next event is this coming Saturday, May 5th on Lake Scugog out of Port Perry for Crappie. We will be having the fish fry there as well. If you are interested in fishing please contact us or your federation executive regarding this event.

May 5th, 2007

Our second Federation event took place on Saturday May 5th on Lake Scugog out of Port Perry. Here are the results from the teams that managed to find a few fish. The fishing was tougher than it should have been due to a later than usual warm up period for the lake leaving the Crappie out wandering the weedlines and not heavily concentrated in the back bays.

Al Russell & Dave Chong ........................... 17.44lbs
JP DeRose & Scott Palmer ........................ 15.63lbs
Pete Armour & Mathew Masterella ........... 12.76lbs
Tom Cochrane & Phil Talbot ..................... 10.57lbs
Rudy Manning & Philip Lam ................... 8.40lbs
Peter Marracco & John Richardi .................. 5.42lbs

Big Fish Pete Armour & Mathew Masterella 1.83lbs

Once again we followed up with a fish fry after the event and thanks again to Rick and Patrick and Helen for the wonderful job setting up and cooking. Thanks also go out to the four fish cleaners we had whipping those Crappie filets out.


Fishing Experience

2nd place - Canadian Fishing Tour Series Lake Scugog
9th place - Canadian Fishing Tour Series Rice Lake
Big Fish Award Lake Scugog 5.25lbs
2nd Big Fish award Rice Lake 4.65lbs

Team of the Year Canadian Fishing Tour 115 series
1st place - Canadian Fishing Tour Tournament Series Bay of Quinte
3rd place - Canadian Fishing Tour Tournament Series TriLakes
5th place - Canadian Fishing Tour Tournament Series Lake Scugog
8th place - Canadian Fishing Tour Tournament Series Gloucester Pool
2nd place - Canadian Fishing Tour Tournament Series Classic Rice Lake

19th place - Top Bass Tournament Series Lake Scugog
2nd place - Top Bass Classic Rice Lake

Fish On Line Canada Joe Adragna Wins Top Bass Again... (News/Bass Tournaments) ... 2003 Top Bass Fishing 2nd Rice Lake Walleye 2002 Reel Fishing Competition 1st Lake Scugog Perch Year ... Friday, 14 September 2007

Fishing Lake Scugog

I was seven years old when I caught this largemouth bass on Lake Scugog. It weighed in at 6.15 pounds. Eric Blackstock, Ontario.

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Scugog Township is a tourist destination for all seasons, located on the shores of Lake Scugog, just an hour’s drive northeast of Toronto. Made up of charming hamlets and small villages, with Port Perry as the hub, the Township of Scugog is steeped in history and has a variety of attractions and adventures for visitors of all ages.

Fishing Lake Scugog for Walleye Bass and Perch. Tips Techniques and Hotspots! Ice Fishing.     »     Celebrate summer on Lake Scugog — boating, canoeing, water skiing, wind surfing, or swimming and enjoy some of the best fishing in southern Ontario.

Ontario Ice Hut Operators

Lake Scugog Ice Hut Rentals are the perfect cure for winter "cabin fever" symptoms. Experience and enjoy a Scugog ice fishing encounter... weekend package includes lodging, ice shack, heater, bait and all equipment. All you have to do is dress up warm and fish!

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